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Why Tulip “Nanofat & Microfat Doctors” Have the Best Answer for Ozempic® Face

Posted June 27, 2024 in Uncategorized | 9 minute read

As anyone who has ever lost 10 pounds or more can tell you, “Your Face Shows it First.”

It’s always been a bone of contention for every woman I’ve ever shared a weight loss moment with. (Not that men don’t have the same issues; I just haven’t spoken to them about my personal fat journey) “Why can’t I first lose fat in my thighs or stomach? Why does it always have to be my face and breasts? I mean, even Oprah could have told you this fact about what happens to your body when you lose fat.

So, does this mean fat has a mind of its own? At Tulip, we think it does.

And when you hear from our Adipose Experts, we think you’ll agree there’s a positive story to tell about the benefits of fat when it shows up in the right places.

During my Ozempic research, I read everything from,,,, Google AI, and dozens of plastic surgeon websites from Anchorage to Maine, with only marginal satisfaction on my fat loss questions.

The average responses were so predictable that I laughed out loud, mainly since I have used many of these recommendations for various aesthetic benefits over the last 20+ years.

The remedies suggested were: PDO Threads, dermal fillers, and Microneedling. But Forbes, my favorite in the Ozempic Face Rogues Gallery, had this to say:

Limit mirror time, shift your thinking, practice compassion, and my all-time favorite, seek professional advice.

However beneficial weight loss can be for a myriad of health issues, let’s examine some of the negatives:

·      Sagging skin

·      Wrinkles around the eyes, temples, jawline, and mouth

·      Jowls 

·      Extra skin where the fat once resided

·      Looking gaunt

And exercise will not change any of the above negatives.

Tulip Nanofat Providers Have the Best Solution for Ozempic Face

It’s not that any of the recommendations indicated over the internet aren’t legitimate procedures that provide good outcomes because they do. However, the apparent fat loss shows up on the face, and the results are not pretty; nanofat can be added to any treatment plan for better and longer-lasting results. Restoring fat where needed turns a gaunt, stressed-looking face into a more youthful and rested appearance.

When I look at my 40-year-old twin daughters, I see their gorgeous skin texture and plump cheeks—the signs of youth. I haven’t told them what awaits them as I try remembering my cheeks and chin line at 50.  But I remember a facelift consult where the doctor told me we would use filler to return the volume I had lost over time. If I had known about the benefits of my own fat, I would have jumped at the chance to remove a little fat from my belly and add it to my face.  

When I look at the global medical spa market’s growth, which hit $18.9 billion last year and is forecasted to reach $56.25 billion by 2051, it’s straightforward to see why so many of our customers are adding a medical spa to their practice.

Many doctors are also extending their years of practice because they can shift to non-surgical procedures long into their seventies and beyond. Further, they can use practice extenders, like lasers and microneedling, to do much of the work and keep their hands in the game.

There is too much money on the table to step out of the practice you’ve spent 20 or more years building. As I speak with some of our Tulip customers, regardless of whether they are aesthetic or orthopedic surgeons, the conversation is the same. They thought they would retire, but it was boring, and nanofat has given them a whole new direction to help their patients and feel good about the outcomes. One orthopedic surgeon I spoke with last week was on his way to Italy for a month with his retired heart surgeon wife. Did I mention she owns a vein center and med spa?

Nanofat has opened new doors and opportunities, and we’ve only just begun.

Let’s review a few of these procedures that could be improved by adding Nanofat.

Microneedling, lasers, and micro-coring

  • Through the activation of many growth factors, microneedling promotes the inductions of percutaneous collagen. Many providers are maximizing outcomes by combining nanofat’s capacity for regeneration with the additional stimulation of collagen synthesis and scarless repair offered by microneedling, laser resurfacing, and skin-tightening devices. Savvy providers use nanofat as an essential add-on to most surgical procedures, such as for the face, breasts, and body. 1

Long-term outcomes and patient satisfaction

  • As physicians evaluate their patients’ outcomes after nanofat treatment, patient satisfaction remains stable, with some reporting continuing improvement even three years later. 1

Safety and complications

  • Studies have shown a very low rate of injection-site complications and established the safety of the protocol. No significant complications have been reported except for temporary erythema. 1
  • *Unlike macrofat and microfat, nanofat is not associated with infections, granulomas, or fat cysts.


  • The benefits of using nanofat as a regenerative approach for anti-aging strategies can be seen as patients shift toward proactive prevention and maintenance. Patients also love that this beauty regimen is from their own body and is safe and highly effective. 1


  • Autologous emulsified nanofat injection is an easily mastered, day-care surgical procedure for scar rejuvenation with minimal complications and good patient compliance. It improves the symptoms and texture of all types of scars, particularly those of short duration. 2

Nanofat, Filler Fatigue, And Ozempic Contraindications

Many of the Ozempic users are already aesthetic patients, and some are on your schedule several times a year. They see you for fillers, microneedling, skin tightening, etc. They are often back on your OR table or a nip and tuck about every three years. In the “biz,” we call these patients for life.

But I bet nanofat has never come into the conversation while in your office. Why is that?

It’s not that you have wanted to keep nanofat a secret, but in most cases, your nurse injector is the one they’ve been seeing. And, let’s be honest, these patients drive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in recurring revenue. Most of which goes to Allergan® or Galderma®. But no one in their right mind would want to mess with this cash cow.

We get it. On the other hand, how will you handle the massive weight loss in their face question? And, if that isn’t enough, how are you going to feel when they tell you they are down the street getting nanofat as a lunchtime procedure because they are sick of filler?

Believe me when I say it will feel disingenuous to tell them you can do nanofat for them. The obvious question is, why didn’t you tell me before?

The Difference Between Nanofat, PRP, and HA Fillers

Nanofat is an emerging solution/therapy and is a new aesthetic trend widely embraced by multiple specialties worldwide for regenerative therapies.

Unlike macrofat and microfat, nanofat is an emerging fat grafting technique with no adverse outcomes associated with infections, granulomas, or fat cysts. It is simple to extract and easy to inject, with high patient satisfaction and long-term regenerative results. 1

Studies show that nanofat obtained with the Tulip Nanofat System is proven to deliver 10x more cells per gram than enzymatic isolation methods.

The Big Fat Question and The Simple Fat Answer

Many of our Tulip customers have been harvesting and using fat in their practice for a long time. In some cases, as early as Dr. Sydney R. Coleman’s first studies. In most cases, your patients have no idea this is the case, even if it is in the fine print of your consent forms.

It just hasn’t been a “sexy” procedure you felt you could capitalize on. But guess what? Fat is getting sexier, and not just because of losing it.

Regenerative therapies are beginning to gain attention. Last month, at the ASAPS convention in Vancouver, BC, I counted more than a dozen courses on regenerative medicine and various therapies being taught.

One of the best ways to introduce nanofat is to start talking about it. Use the brochures we produced to help your patients get comfortable with the concept.

Your conversation could be as simple as: “Carol, we’ve been using filler on you for a long time, and I’m introducing something new to my patients that I’ve been researching and studying for a long time. Here’s a brochure that will explain it. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

I promise they will engage. Then, you give a “light” description of how simple this in-office procedure is and all the regenerative benefits they can expect.

If they are interested, which most will be, then they need to talk with your patient coordinator about pricing, etc.

“Since Microfat and Nanofat treatments use your body’s own tissue, your risks are greatly minimized, and adverse reactions or complications are virtually nonexistent. The immediate and long-term benefits are natural-looking results and healthier, glowing skin resembling what you enjoyed in your youth.

• Improves skin quality and yields a regenerative and lifting effect.

• Does not damage cells but maintains cell viability and the number of adipose-derived stem cells

• Naturally integrates into host tissues without any major side effects.

• Demonstrates increased dermal cellularity, vascular density, and elastic and collagen fiber density. 

You can honestly share that your colleagues in the scientific and medical community are saying that Nanofat grafting has been shown to have beneficial effects in treating scars, wrinkles, and skin discolorations.”

In the Miracle of Your Own Fat Patient Brochure, they’ll learn it is Natural and Safe.

Click here to purchase brochures: Buy Patient Brochures

Expand Your Knowledge

at the

San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies

5th Global Conference

August 8-11, 2024

University of California, San Diego


1: La Padula, S.; Ponzo, M.; Lombardi, M.; Iazzetta, V.; Errico, C.; Polverino, G.; Russo, F.; D’Andrea, L.; Hersant, B.; Meningaud, J.P.; et al. Nanofat in Plastic Reconstructive, Regenerative, and Aesthetic Surgery: A Review of Advancements in Face-Focused Applications. J. Clin. Med. 2023, 12, 4351.

2: Bhooshan LS, Devi MG, Aniraj R, Binod P, Lekshmi M. Autologous emulsified fat injection for rejuvenation of scars: A prospective observational study. Indian J Plast Surg 2018; 51:77-83.

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