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About Tulip Medical

“Tulip was founded over 30 years ago by my husband John Johnson and myself, with a mission to build instruments inspired by physicians and engineers working in collaboration to deliver safe patient outcomes with elegant and gentle medical devices.

Along the way, we’ve challenged ourselves to do more than what we started in aesthetics and even though we are still in the business of helping people look better, today we are about changing people’s lives, by making them feel better with the emerging technologies available through regenerative medicine. “

Marcille Pilkington President, CEO

Our Purpose

To create a paradigm shift in healthcare by delivering the benefits of adipose regenerative therapies (ART) to millions of patients and establish Tulip as the global standard in the newly created field of ART.

Our Vision

To see Tulip Medical as the global leader in adipose regenerative therapies (ART), driving widespread adoption as the best practice option for patients worldwide. Through cutting-edge technologies, validated protocols, and strategic partnerships, we empower healthcare professionals to harness the full potential of adipose tissue, setting the highest standard of care in the field and revolutionizing patient outcomes.

Our Mission

Develop and deliver innovative technologies, validated protocols, and comprehensive training that enable healthcare professionals to deliver impactful, transformative, and reproducible adipose regenerative therapies (ART). We are committed to advancing the field of ART through continuous research, collaboration, and education. By establishing Tulip as the trusted partner, we aim to accelerate the adoption of ART as the standard best practice, revolutionizing patient care and improving lives globally.

A Historical Perspective

Our first patent was for our Tulip Syringe System which made aesthetic and reparative fat transfer safe and easy for surgeons and patients around the world.

In 1996 Tulip sponsored the first research project at the University of Pittsburgh Division of Plastic Surgery that proved regenerative cells in adipose tissue could grow chondrocytes. This study magnified the global potential for using adipose regenerative therapies to improve patient outcomes, making Tulip the first company to bring this life changing therapy into the orthopedic market.

By 2015 Tulip’s dominance in the Adipose Regenerative Therapies market expanded. Tulip collaborated with the pioneers of nanofat, Drs. Patrick Tonnard and Alexis Verpaele, to develop the first commercially available nanofat system.

It was obvious to all of us Nanofat has the potential to significantly expand the scope of Regenerative Medicine globally. An article published in the World Journal of Stem Cells states that nanofat is a “…therapeutic paradigm in regenerative medicine.”

  • 1991

    Tulip Medical Products is founded by John Johnson & Marcille Pilkington. Tulip obtains patent for 60cc Hub Syringe Adapter & Method Tulip Patent

  • 1996

    Tulip sponsors groundbreaking research at the University of Pittsburgh that proved adipose tissue contains chondrocytes, the precursor cells of cartilage

  • 2009

    Tulip partners with Drs. Patrick Tonnard & Alexis Verpaele to develop new protocols and instrumentation systems with multiple patents

  • 2011

    Marcille Pilkington becomes CEO & President

  • 2012

    Tulip and Belgian plastic surgeons, Drs. Patrick Tonnard & Alexis Verpaele developed, tested, and validated the Tulip Nano System and Protocol which consistently obtains nanofat that can be injected through a 27-30 gauge needle.

  • 2015

    The first complete Tulip Nano System is sold

  • 2018

    Tulip obtains a patent for the Tulip Crown™

  • 2019

    Tulip collaborates with Dr. Ramon Llull to characterize TRUE nanofat. His research which was published in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal proved that the Tulip Nano System Protocol delivers 10x the number of regenerative cells from one cc of adipose tissue versus traditional stem cell isolation processes.

  • 2020

    Tulip obtains a patent for the Fat Emulsifier, Single-Use Snap Loks, Miller OneSnap, and Fat Press

  • 2021

    Tulip sponsors a clinical trial by Dr. Robert W. Alexander for the treatment of Post Covid-19 patients with residual lung damage with adipose harvested with the Tulip syringe system.

    Tulip obtains a patent for the NanoTransfer.

  • 2022

    Tulip launches – an educational resource for patients to learn more about nanofat and how it can be used in aesthetic and orthobiologic treatments.

  • 2023

    Tulip obtains a patent for the AlphaLuer.

Where We Are Today

Starting in the mid 2000’s leadership at Tulip® Medical noticed the impressive clinical studies being done by Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele (Ghent, Belgium) who were presenting and publishing on using what they termed ‘nanofat’.

While their results with nanofat were obvious, the process they were using for producing nanofat was not easily reproducible outside of their facility. In addition, the characterization of nanofat had not yet been established.

Tulip collaborated with Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele to develop a clinically validated system for processing nanofat. Once the process was established, Tulip collaborated with Dr. Ramon Llull (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) to characterize the nanofat produced by that system. The results of these collaborations and Tulip’s product development are Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat System.

We Have Built Long-lasting Collaborative
Relationships with Industry Leaders.

Our Mentors Along the Way

Tulip is working with world renowned thought leaders to bring new medical therapies and devices to market and help advance this new regenerative era.

Patrick Tonnard

Patrick Tonnard, MD, PhD Gent, Belgium

Alexis Verpaele, MD, PhD Gent, Belgium

Ramon Llull, MD, PhD Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Dr. Robert W Alexander

Dr. Robert W Alexander Stevensville, Montana

“As the CEO, I see a very bright future in the world of regenerative medicine, and our entire company is inspired to be part of this new adventure. It is my belief; we have only just begun so hold on to your seats.”

Marcille Pilkington, Co-Founder CEO

Our Leadership Team

Marc Pilkington

VP Regulatory and Clinical

Debbie Pilkington

Vice President

Tom Mitchell

Executive VP, Operations & Sales

Chief Marketing Officer

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