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Applications of Microfat and Nanofat in Orthopedics

Solutions for Pain Management and Regenerative Treatments

In orthopedic medicine, the application of microfat and nanofat has emerged as a promising solution for pain management and regenerative treatments.

These advanced techniques involve:

1. Harvesting small amounts of the patient’s own adipose tissue or Adipose Tissue Complex (ATC) and standardizing the injectability of the tissue. This is microfat and is a natural filler and volumizer.

2. Sizing the microfat down to Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction (tSVF) or nanofat. Nanofat is regenerative in nature (not volumizing) and can be injected intradermally with a needle as small as 30g.

Tulip Medical continues to lead the industry by participating in research of biocellular regenerative therapies, which are rapidly improving in documentation and cellular analyses and are gaining excellent safety and efficacy profiles.

Orthopedic specialists utilize these advanced fat grafts for their regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Microfat and nanofat can be injected into areas of joint damage, tendon injuries, or soft tissue defects to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall healing.

The regenerative potential of tSVF plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration. Orthopedic applications of microfat and nanofat offer a minimally invasive alternative for conditions like osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and ligament injuries, with the potential to improve patient outcomes and become an integral part of the evolving landscape of regenerative orthopedic medicine.

Orthopedic Uses for Microfat and Nanofat

Microfat and nanofat obtained with the Tulip Nano System can be used in a
wide variety of surgical and office-based procedures:

  • Accelerate Healing Processes

    Healing Processes

  • Eliminate or Decrease Pain

    Eliminate or
    Decrease Pain

  • Restore Tissues With Minimal Scar

    Restore Tissues
    With Minimal Scar

  • Minimizes Infection


  • Use Autologous Tissues to Support Implants Surgery

    Use Autologous Tissues to
    Support Implants Surgery

Understanding the Difference Between Microfat and Nanofat

Microfat and nanofat are adipose fat tissues that maintain the regenerative properties of native fat. Microfat can often be delivered through needles or cannulas that range from 18g to as small as 25g in diameter, depending on the fibrosity of the patient’s fat. Microfat adds volume and structure to the recipient site.

Nanofat’s primary benefit is regeneration. Nanofat consists of a regenerative matrix, which is key to tissue repair and rejuvenation. ITrue Nanofat™, obtained with the Tulip system, is validated to be injectable with needles as small as 30g.

Together, microfat and nanofat have the potential to provide your patients with increased mobility and decreased pain without the need for invasive surgical procedures. They can also work in tandem with traditional surgical intervention to promote wound healing and a speedy recovery.

T. Scott Stanwyck, MS, MD

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The Differences Between Adipose Tissue and Bone Marrow

While bone marrow and adipose tissue are both rich in regenerative potential, they have a few key differences.

A fat tissue harvest is less invasive, less painful, and a lower-risk procedure than a bone marrow harvest, and patients are usually delighted to participate.

Unlike bone marrow, fat tissue retains significantly more of its regenerative potency throughout the aging process.

Autologous adipose tissue has been shown to repair and regenerate damaged soft and connective tissue, such as muscle, tendon, ligament, and skin.

Robert W Alexander, MD, DMD, FICS

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Incorporating Regenerative Microfat and Nanofat into Your Orthopedic Practice

Whether you use microfat and nanofat in a standalone procedure or in conjunction with surgery, Tulip’s patented technology makes your experience with microfat and nanofat safe, easy, predictable, and cost-effective. As the leading company in fat transfer for over 30 years, Tulip has the expertise to help you incorporate the use of orthobiologics into your practice.

Everything You Need to Obtain Nanofat: The Tulip GOLD Kit

Tulip’s GOLD (Gentle Office-Based Lipoaspirate Delivery) kit provides everything you need to harvest and prepare microfat and nanofat for use in an office-based setting.

Using a closed syringe lipoaspiration system, our GOLD kits provide a less traumatic and more efficient approach to acquiring Adipose Tissue Complex (ATC) as a structural or regenerative graft without surgery.

  • The protocol and the kit have been clinically validated for safety, ease of use, viability, and consistent output, leading to more predictable outcomes.
  • Tulip’s “Soft Harvest System” provides a safe and efficacious low-pressure acquisition of ATC.
  • The harvested fat can be used as microfat (which is not sized down) or sized down into nanofat.
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Tulip GOLD Kits Provide These Advantages for Orthopedic Medicine

  • Safe and easy-to-use closed adipose tissue harvesting and sizing
  • Validated process resulting in consistently high concentrations of regenerative ATC and nanofat that is validated to be injectable with needles as small as 30g
  • Increased patient safety by using their own tissue
  • Set your practice apart by offering the regenerative therapies patients are looking for

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