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Watch Dr. Tess Mauricio Discuss Her Use of Tulip TRUE NanoFat

Posted January 29, 2021 in Uncategorized | 4 minute read

Points of Discussion

  • Dr. Muaricio’s background
  • Micronizing fat
  • Tulip NanoFat versatility
  • The benefits of NanoFat
  • Future improvements

The Interview

Interviewer: We’re here with a board certified dermatologist and the founder of M Beauty Dr. Tess Mauricio. Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Mauricio: It’s my pleasure.

Interviewer: We wanna talk a little bit about your involvement with Tulip NanoFat like how did you become aware of the company and get involved with them?

Dr. Mauricio:Well, you know, I’m a trained dermatologist but also trained into Tumescent Liposculpture. I’ve been working with liposculpture and fat for a long time since the beginning of my practice. And I used to do the traditional fat transfer technique to add volume for, you know, the aging face. And I had issues with the predictability of the results and so I actually stopped doing fat transfer for many years.

And then when I was introduced to the concept of micronizing fat using Tulip tools and actually even nanofat, and its regenerative properties, I was really interested and I started doing fat transfers again. And so now at M Beauty Clinic, what we do is, we incorporate these nanofat technologies from Tulip into our protocols for skin rejuvenation.

I invented a procedure called the Time Machine Procedure, and that is a combination of skin resurfacing, the use of nanofat, platelet-rich plasma growth factors, and microneedling. And patients can really permanently reset the aging process in the skin.

The Versatility Of Tulip Nanofat

Interviewer: Did you find that patients were, I wouldn’t wanna say wary, but maybe just confused between the difference between nanofat and just the standard fat procedure.

Dr. Mauricio: I think most doctors are still confused about it. I think, you know, it’s still in the infancy. I’m really proud to pioneer this incredible technology because we are finding that it’s used for so many things. The Tulip NanoFat is very versatile in a single harvest. We can have a product that we can use for volumization. We can use it to enhance our skin rejuvenation procedures. We can use it for hair restoration, even sexual health.

And so I think, you know, we’re really at the beginning, at the tip of the iceberg. And I think what patients love about Tulip NanoFat is that it’s all natural. They love that it’s their own were activating their natural ability to heal, and repair, and regenerate. And that’s what’s very attractive to patients.

Interviewer: So what has been the reaction from your patients?

Dr. Mauricio: I think they love it. You know, I mean, obviously, education is key. And any time a patient comes to see me wanting, you know, wrinkles improved or wanting to look younger or to look less tired. I always have a conversation about what is the most, you know, cutting edge technology that is available, not just to address the single winkle, but really to, you know, holistically approach the aging of the face or whatever body part we’re talking about.

So, patients are really happy to learn that there is this way to naturally rejuvenate. They love it. Patients who’ve used fillers in the past, hyaluronic acid fillers, understand the fact that, yes, we can volumize but, in addition, they get the added benefit of regeneration using their own fat. And that’s really incredible.

The Future of Regenerative Aesthetics

Interviewer: So what do you see as the future then?

Dr. Mauricio: Well, there is a lot. I mean, like I said, I’m so proud to be a pioneer of Tulip NanoFat, this whole concept and this whole new field of regenerative aesthetics. And usually I’m the only woman in the faculty and so, you know, the majority of the patients that we see are women. And so I love the fact that I can use my unique perspective as a woman doctor to help educate the patients, to help educate my fellow doctors, and this new incredible technology.

We are improving our protocols. We’re standardizing. We’re getting better as far as predictability. We’re also finding out new uses for this incredible regenerative product that we have with Tulip NanoFat. And so I’m so excited about it. Our patients, my staff who’ve had it done, and have seen the improvement, the life changing improvement that Tulip NanoFat has, you know, given for my patients. We are so incredibly excited about the field.

Interviewer: Well, thank you so much for joining us and sharing your perspective.

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