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Back-to-Business Tulip Readiness Solution

In anticipation of government back-to-business orders, we are eager to offer you our Tulip Readiness Solution. We understand many of you will face a backlog of patients upon reopening of your doors. We are now accepting pre-orders for the products you’ll need to meet demand. The process is easy. Just call and give us a due date for your initial shipment. We’ll prepare it and hold it until time to ship. This will allow us to meet your demand by prioritizing your shipment.

Please note that your account will not be charged until your order ships.
As a bonus, we’re offering special pricing on all products ordered during the Tulip Readiness Solution period. (Ends April 30)

 Call the office (858) 270-5900 or email sales@tulipmedical.com for more information on this special rate.

Nothing is more important to us than supporting our valued Tulip Family.

We’re looking forward to all of us getting back to business.



• COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response > Download PDF

• Fraud Warning and Scam Alert: Purchase only genuine Tulip products. Stay safe and learn more >

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