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What Are Microfat & Nanofat?

Understanding Microfat & Nanofat and
What They Offer Your Practice

Human fat tissue contains more adult regenerative cells than any other part of the body. And the healing possibilities are endless.

From aesthetics to orthopedics to pain management, sexual wellness, and wound healing, the regenerative power of fat can significantly improve patients’ lives. With Tulip’s proprietary microfat and nanofat technology, acquiring this beneficial regenerative substance has never been easier — for your practice and patients.

Ramon Llull, MD, PhD

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What Are Microfat and Nanofat?


Microfat is harvested fat tissue that has not been sized down to nanofat. It is normally injectable with 18g to 25g needles and delivers regenerative volumization.

Nanofat is harvested fat (adipose) tissue that has been sized down so it can be injected intradermally with a 27g to 30g needle while still maintaining the regenerative properties of the native fat.

By combining microfat (volume) with nanofat (regeneration), you have a total solution for many conditions calling for rejuvenation and repair.

Because both microfat and nanofat retain most of their original vascular structures, they can easily integrate into the recipient site for tissue repair and regeneration. Whether your patients are looking to heal an injury, reduce or alleviate pain, or rejuvenate their skin, microfat and nanofat put the power to help in your hands.

This is not merely another new trend in beauty or medicine. This is emerging science uncovering clinical applications for using the body’s own regenerative power to improve one’s life and, at the same time, their appearance.

Tulip®’s Proprietary Microfat and Nanofat System

1. Fat is harvested via a simple in-office fat draw using a syringe and a specially designed and coated blunt cannula. This is microfat and can be injected to add volume where desired.

2. Nanofat is obtained by sizing down microfat so it can be injected with very small needles. The sizing down process does not take anything away or diminish the integrity of the Adipose Tissue Complex (ATC), and it gives you injectable Tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction (tSVF) with a high amount of regenerative properties.

Acquiring microfat and nanofat is a non-surgical, patient-friendly, office-based procedure that can be completed in less than 60 minutes without the expense or downtime of general anesthesia or surgery. There’s no need to open an operating room, arrange for OR staff, or wait for medical clearance.

Microfat and Nanofat give you a unique and valuable tool in your regenerative armamentarium that is economical, convenient, and effective in ways that can set your practice apart.

Microfat and nanofat are beneficial for all practices interested in offering regenerative solutions to their patients with very little overhead cost.

Office-based Nanofat Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Harvest & SEPARATE

Using local anesthesia, perform a fat draw in your office with a syringe and single-use harvesting cannula. Once harvested, separate the adipose tissue for processing.

Process Into Nanofat

Using syringes and the Tulip GOLD Kit, process your harvested fat into microfat & nanofat in less than 10 minutes. 


Now your microfat can be used in volumizing procedures and your nanofat can be used intradermally or topically for regenerative benefits.

How Adipose (Fat) Helps Patients Look
and Feel Better—Both Inside and Out

Medical practices and specialties across the board are experiencing the benefits of Nanofat.

Nanofat’s Rich History

While microfat transfer has been around for more than three decades, nanofat is a fairly new way to use adipose tissue to add regenerative benefits to patient treatments. In the mid-2000s, leadership at Tulip noticed the impressive clinical results being published by Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele (Ghent, Belgium) using what they termed “nanofat.”

While their exceptional results with nanofat were obvious, the process they used for producing nanofat was not easily reproducible outside of their facility.

Tulip collaborated with Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele and with Dr. Robert Alexander to develop a clinically validated system for easily and safely processing nanofat in a timely manner. Once the process was established, Tulip collaborated with Dr. Ramon Llull (Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and Wake Forest, NC) to characterize the nanofat produced by the Tulip system. The results of these collaborations and Tulip’s product development are Tulip’s True Nanofat System.

Regenerative Solutions Through Tulip GOLD Kits

Regardless of your specialty or how you use microfat and nanofat, they are both acquired and prepared the same easy way. Because of this, Tulip created an all-in-one GOLD Kit that contains everything you need to harvest and prepare microfat and nanofat for your chosen application.

By using the GOLD Kit, you can cut down the time and expense of sterilizing instruments and rest assured that every kit upholds the highest safety standards. The single-use kits are economical, easy to use, and make it possible to do back-to-back procedures in a timely manner.

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The Difference Between Adipose
Tissue, PRP, & Bone Marrow

Adipose Tissue Complex (fat tissue) is a potent source of regenerative components, and it has been shown to contain a significantly higher density of regenerative cells than other well-known regenerative source tissue, such as bone marrow.

In addition to being less invasive and painful than bone marrow harvesting procedures, harvesting adipose tissue is highly preferred by patients. The regenerative potency of bone marrow decreases significantly with age. Adipose tissue retains more regenerative cells, making it a more desirable and dependable source in aging patients.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is easy to harvest and is an excellent source of growth factors. However, it does not contain the precursor cells required to complete the regenerative cycle found in adipose tissue.

Tulip’s GOLD Kit has been meticulously designed around its patented and patent-pending protocols and devices, which fall under the FDA’s 361 guidance.

Tulip is dedicated to delivering the benefits of fat to millions of patients worldwide. Our passion is embodied in our clinically validated protocols and uniquely designed instrumentation. These solutions have been developed by understanding our patients’ needs and working with world-class physicians to give the practitioner the right leading-edge, safe, and effective tools for the job.

Nanofat is pure and natural from its source, and its nature is regenerative.

Not all Nanofat is True Nanofat.

True Nanofat is a study-based, clinically validated protocol for obtaining highly concentrated nanofat.

Accepted for publication in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, “Nanofat Cell Aggregates: A Near Constitutive Stromal Cell Inoculum for Regenerative Site-Specific Therapies,” demonstrates that:

Mechanical disaggregation yields 10x more cells than enzymatic dissociation techniques, reaching constitutive cell densities for intralesional administration.

Cell aggregates are a better candidate for cell therapies that require local delivery.

Mechanical disaggregation provides a high density of cell aggregates, allowing us to reach the Constitutive Cell Dose.

Nanofat obtained through the Tulip Nano System is True Nanofat.

Prejuvenation Prejuvenation
Stop aging in its tracks

Lips Lips
Get rid of barcode lip and fine lines

Add volume to aging hands

Treat under-eye discoloration and fine lines

Decolletage Decolletage
Repair sun damage and restore volume

Sexual Wellness Sexual Wellness
Rejuvenate your sex drive

Help restore damaged tissue

Achilles TendonAchilles Tendon
Support injured areas

Hand Hand
Treat thumb CMC joints

Knee Knee
Add cushion to relieve pain

Foot Foot
Treat fat pad atrophy and planter fasciitis

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