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The Difference Between tSVF & cSVF

Many doctors often ask "What's the difference between tSVF & cSVF?". While the two sound similar, there are several key differences.

tSVF → tissue SVF, the “lipoaspirant”, unprocessed total complex that includes the adipocytes themselves (the fat), blood vessels, etc.

  • Includes all cellular and biological components of the tissue

  • It has a bioactive matrix (an extracellular matrix aka a scaffolding)

  • Requires no manipulation to be used but it can be manipulated to make particle size smaller and grafts more effective

  • Can be found in ALL ATC deposits throughout the body and can be harvested & then used up by the microenvironment that has been degenerating/aging

  • Once harvested and reintroduced to target site, the cells will reinforce the cells that are already in the site

  • Individual cells are less effective than the complex itself → the tSVF is critical

cSVF → cellular SVF

  • Requires digestion, incubation, and isolation process to create a “pellet”

  • This pellet can then be given via IV or given back to the adipose tissue complex

  • Does not have a matrix

  • Commonly used in research settings and in “cell-enrichment” protocols

Have another question about tSVF, cSVF, or adipose regenerative therapies? Email our team at for answers.

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