Syringe Locks, Crowns, Adapters,
NanoTransfer, Anaerobic Transfers & Emulsifiers

The syringe is an essential component in many soft tissue and fat transfer procedures. Tulip has the syringe attachment accessories you need. They are perfectly designed for various steps involved with Syringe Technique Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting.



Introducing the first instrument designed to reduce fat into nanofat which is easily injectable with 27g and 30g needles - all in a one-step closed system. Tulip's proprietary NanoTransfer takes fat transfer to the smallest level. Simply Elegant. Patent-Pending $500.00

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Johnnie Lok™

The unique, light-weight Johnnie Lok slips onto the collar of the syringe barrel. The plunger is drawn back to the desired cc for precision measurement on the syringe. Then, with a small twist, teeth on the lock bite into the plunger flanges and lock the plunger securely to the barrel holding the liposuction syringe under vacuum for precision fat extraction. $70.00 each View Quick Start Instructions

Snap Loks™

These syringe snap locks fit into the plunger flanges of the liposuction syringe. When the plunger is pulled out the lock snaps open on the barrel lip holding the liposuction syringe under vacuum for cell friendly fat extraction. $105.00 each.

Tulip Snap Lok syringe vaccum lock Syringe Snap Lock demonstration

The Johnnie Snap™

The brand new disposable Johnnie Snap allows for low pressure harvest. This is a Premium Single-Use item that can be ordered on the GEMS page. Click here to go>

Tulip Crown™

A tiny device with a huge impact - Tulip Crowns change the centrifuge game. The Crown is designed to keep syringe contents in a virtually anaerobic atmosphere during centrifuging. Simply attach a Crown to the syringe plunger, harvest, then twist the plunger off. The Crown also has a bonus, self-sealing extractor port for cleanly removing contents from any layer of centrifuged tissue. Patent-Pending $125-$150 each.

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Power Adapter™

The Tulip Power Adapter modifies the syringe barrel for use with a liposuction aspirating machine.
$130.00 each

SuperLuerLok Universal Syringe Adapters™

The Single-Use Tulip SuperLuerLok Universal Adapter makes any luer lock syringe compatible with Tulip's SuperLuerLok hub. It is recommended for use with some European and Asian manufactured syringe brands that have some minor threading differences.

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Anaerobic Transfers™

Anaerobic transfers are used to prepare and transfer extracted tissue for fat re-injection. Three of our newly redesigned transfers incorporate the Decant Stand feature so they can also act as a syringe stand keeping your syringe upright allowing for a natural gravity decant. Let this multipurpose device first decant your harvested fat, then transfer it into injection syringes gently and cleanly.

(Please note when ordering. The first size indication is the top - to - the second size indication, the bottom.)

Luer to Luer Transfers are now available in 2 sizes. 1.4mm and 2.4mm Select the size when ordering.

Sizes: 60cc to 60cc • 60cc to Luer • 60cc BD to Luer • Luer to Luer
One elegant device that performs two important functions. $105.00 - $130.00 each
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Tulip Transparent Transfer™

The transparent, single-use, pre-sterilized transfer fits all luer lock syringes. This is a Premium Single-Use item can be ordered on the GEMS page. Click here to go>

Tulip Fat Emulsifier for fat reinjection

Tulip Emulsifier™

The Tulip Emulsifier standardizes the texture of harvested tissue for easy and smooth intradermal injection with a 23g needle.

Decant Stand
Emulsifier $130.00

Transfer Emulsifier $105.00

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Tulip is the leader in liposuction and fat transfer instrumentation. We are innovators in liposuction cannula and injector design and manufacturing. We create instruments and accessories for successful liposuction and fat transfer procedures. With our patent pending Cell Friendly Technology and our new premium Gems Single-Use fat transfer instruments Tulip is your source for liposuction, fat-transfer and regenerative medicine cannulas, micro injectors and accessories.